Januar 21, 2021

Weiß am Zug - hinterlasse einen Kommentar mit dem stärksten Zug!

White to play - leave a comment with the strongest move!

FEN: r3r2k/pp3pRp/2bP4/5PQ1/8/3B4/PPP4q/2K3R1 w - - 0 1

4 Antworten

  1. Hi Philip,
    Nice site and thanks for the great puzzles!
    I think RxH7 is the best move

    Cheers, Nicky

    • Philip Aschenbrenner

      Hello Nicky,

      Thanks for the great feedback.
      After RxH7, how would you continue?



  2. Hi Philip,

    I agree with Nicky.

    After that if black KxH7 it’s done quickly with QG7#
    But if black QxH7 I would go with QF6+
    Black can only do QG7 but white can than finish it with QxG7#



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